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Our team

We are a team of product designers & researchers who are passionate about reimagining the care management experience for underserved pediatric populations. Guided by Human-Centered Design & our past experiences in designing for Healthcare, we are excited to develop the next wave of products which meaningfully improve the lives of families with chronically-ill children.

Gourab Saha

Industrial & Product Designer
MS(Design Impact) Student
Stanford University

Sohini Guin

User Experience Designer
MS(Design Impact) Student
Design Strategist

Usman Khaliq

HCI Designer & Data Scientist
MS(Design Impact) Student
Design Researcher

Advisory Board

We are fortunate to be supported by an amazing board of advisors & thought-leaders in Pediatric Healthcare domain.

David Scheinker

Associate Professor
Stanford University

David N Rosenthal

Professor (Pediatrics),
Stanford University

Dr. Andrew Shin

Clinical Professor, Pediatrics (Cardiology),
Executive Medical Director - Innovation &
Clinical Effectiveness

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