Complex and unique ecosystem

The Pediatric Healthcare Space is a complex, multi-stakeholder ecosystem fraught with its own set of unique challenges. Certain medical conditions may require the patient to see 3-4 specialists who may be geographically dispersed across different states or districts.

Underserved due to market forces

 For every five hundred ill adults in the United States, there is one ill child. Clinical infrastructure and R & D efforts in hospitals & medical firms are often focused on serving the adult population, thereby leaving the Pediatric specialty severely underserved.

Physicians and care teams are overburdened with patients. The scarcity of Pediatric Specialists and hospitals means that doctors usually have less than fifteen minutes to diagnose, explain prognosis, provide additional support to patients.

Uneven distribution of resources

Chronically-ill patients consume a large amount of healthcare resources in hospitals , despite their small percentage in comparison with other illnesses. For example, Chronically-ill pediatric patients may account for only 2% of all pediatric patients in the hospital, but consume between 20% to 30% of the Pediatric department’s resources).