Point of View-2

The Nurse’s Office

Parents usually have to do a fair amount of groundwork with the school nurse to ensure they have pertinent information regarding their child’s condition & prescriptions. Children under 16 years of age may not be legally permitted to take their medication at school without supervision in some districts. They usually have to go and take the pills at the school nurse’s office.

The Sick Kid Label

Many chronically ill teens want to fit in & be like every other kid, instead of standing out and being labeled the sick kid. They may be sensitive about taking medications in class / in front of their friends & often seek privacy for such care management tasks.

Talking about their condition

No two chronically-ill teenagers are exactly alike. Some may want to maintain a low-profile about their condition, while others may feel empowered to talk about it & spread awareness. In our time interviewing these teens, we saw a spectrum of different attitudes towards how they talk about their condition. 

Out-of-School Activities

Middle school typically has numerous class trips & other social activities. This is often a “sore spot” for chronically-ill teens because parents are often reluctant to provide permission without contingency plans for the worst-case scenario.